2016 Fiat Spider Concept Specs Price

2016 Fiat Spider roadster car is one that will attract a lot of people perharian. Fiat is one of the famous manufacturers with the same iconic car. New Fiat Spider has undergone design changes that are more sporty and modern to face competition in global automotive markets are getting tougher on car roadster segment. All New Fiat Spider is expected to compete with the Mazda Miata, Alfa Romeo built a series of new spiders, and Mazda MX-5. We will discuss about the changes 2016 Fiat Spider.

2016 Fiat Spider Concept Specs Price

2016 Fiat Spider Concept Design

2016 Fiat Spider has undergone changes the display become more sporty and modern. Exterior design 2016 Fiat Spider would look small but stylish with a compact body. All New Fiat Spider looks lovely, perfect for those who like to travel and work. New Fiat Spider comes with a convertible top that can be replaced and installed again. Fiat Spider has a car that weighs lighter than the previous model, i.e. more than £ 2200. As for the interior design of 2016 Fiat Spider will look modern and sophisticated. Fiat Spider. Cabin can accommodate four passengers. New Fiat Spider will offer features and high-tech equipment such as disc brakes on all four wheels and two cameras in the overhead of huge gains for drivers. Other features include warning bells with the ability to hear warning ultrasonic blind zones in addition to traction control, daytime running lights, airbag to protect from injury, driver frontal with a double stage, controlled machine and brakes, stability control system with electric, passenger frontal with dual depth sensing systems designed, rear camera, rear outboard head curtain, parking Assistant, hold the system for child seats, and a tire pressure monitoring system.

2016 Fiat Spider Engine

2016 Fiat Spider will offer machines that have a good performance. So far, Fiat has not provided official confirmation about the engine specifications you want to use the latest edition of the Fiat Spider. But according to rumors circulating, 2016 Fiat Spider will use 4-cylinder and have a capacity of 1, 4 litre turbo Intercooler engine-air. New Fiat Spider has a fuel economy rating of up to 28mpg while driving in the city and 34 mpg while driving on the highway.

2016 Fiat Spider Concept Specs Price

2016 Fiat Spider Release Date and Price

2016 Fiat Spider is car roadster that will offer a beautiful and modern design. Fiat has yet to provide official information about the release date of this car. But according to rumors circulating, the release date of 2016 Fiat Spider predicted to be launched by early next year. As for pricing information 2016 Fiat Spider is uncertain.